-There are times in life when we ask “How did I get here?” Or “Why am I going through this?”. Well, I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. There is no such a thing as coincidence and there is no such thing as “just happened out of nowhere”. God knows EVERYTHING. Its His nature. He set things in places and put things in our life’s path so that we could exalt Him for His glory. And we’ve all been at the place of “well, if God is so great, why did he let such and such happen??” Well, remember that we live on DARKNESS and that while God does set things up, so does the devil. Whatever God wants to do, the enemy will try to undo it. Anyway, I was born in the French province of Quebec. Raised in Florida at the age of 7 with 3 younger amazing fireball brothers. I was molested at the year of 5. When my family and I moved to Florida it wasn’t what I was expecting. See, in Canada, back then, it was nicer. People don’t really discriminate as often as they do here in the states. I’m not sure about now, but you rarely heard about it then. I was verbally abused by my second grade teacher (I wasn’t the only black student but it was strange. I remember being blamed for things I wouldn’t do). So by 5th grade I had this mindset of being obedient and would just deal with anything when it came to adults. So when I was at a friends house, I remember staying quiet when the parents we’re around. I had failed 6th grade the following year and decided to listen to the lies over me and became a homosexual. Now thinking about it, I realize that the mindset of homosexuality had been with me since I was molested, but I had thought nothing of it. I was struggling with that and as I was sticking to this thought process, things at home were becoming bad. My mom was a firm believer in God and she herself was struggling. Bless her. She was put through so much with my father, 2nd oldest brother and I being rebellious. I was Delivered but not saved in my second year of 6th grade when I was invited by one of my best friends to a church I had been going to but never seen the youth side. Now, Being bullied from 4th-6th grade tends to wane on someone so young, so I had the thoughts that nobody wanted me there, so I went without knowing anyone for a while. Long story short, While I was still struggling with my double-life, I was on the drama team, going to different churches, and going to altar calls. It was in that moment where everything looked great, that my life took a turn for the worst, when in the 10th grade, I was raped. The pain for someone to feel in that moment is the most REVOLTING thing. It happened that year and the year after, and soon I caught myself going deeper into homosexuality. I kept it a secret from EVERYONE. Never wanted to tell a soul until my encounter in 2011. I went, and after the encounter, I spoke my testimony at church (Believe me, my parents had A LOT of questions). The year is now 2013 and I am BOUGHT BY THE BLOOD OF YESHUAH HAMASHIAC OF NAZARETH!!!! I mean, I still struggle with the returning of images to my head and the pain, but I let go of a lot of things. Last month, my mom had told me to clean my room and I found a journal I wrote in until 10th grade. The journal had a MESS of stuff in it. I was cursing and expressing hatred in ways I NEVER thought possible in the journal, and when I reached the end of it, I found a message from my mother, who was interceding on my behalf. I remember tearing up like a baby and crying. I embraced my mother and just wept on her shoulder. and a few days later, My father had a dream about me and woke me up at 5 in the morning just to apologize. Isn’t God AMAZING??? To set that up in the same week, It’s really amazing! The ending is my testimony, really. The rest is just the story portion. Blessings.


-There are many people in the church body who think that they were BORN into homosexuality. I have news for you. IT’S NOT TRUE. You cant’s be BORN into it. You can be CURSED into it, but you cant be born into it. Many don’t remember the point in their lives when they first turned to it, it was either a thought that started to grow from when they were a kid, or a reaction to something they had SEEN. The enemy has a plan, and it’s to keep the Bride from realizing her TRUE identity. Before I was molested, I had the THOUGHT and wondered about what sex was, and I experimented at the age of 6 with a friend. Thinking about it now, I realize that it was a setup from the enemy who wanted to try to write my ENTIRE life from the beginning, because he used my friend to put in the idea. That’s how the enemy works. He always tries to strike at the BEGINNING. He did it in Genesis and he tries to do it the same way. Unlike God, who does things differently EVERYTIME, Satan tries to do it the SAME way Every time. That’s why it’s INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to have the gift of DISCERNMENT, because you DON’T KNOW what happens in hospitals and such! The enemy has his pawns all over the Board, and we haven’t been walking like kings and spotting every spot they step and instead of stopping them in their tracks, we let THEM trap us. Beloved of Christ, UNDERSTAND the predicament we’re in! We don’t want discernment because we ALL want to be on the stage and have congregations and let the “HOLY SPIRIT” work in us when it’s convenient! NO MORE can we be silent! Your IDENTITY in Christ isn’t “I’m made this way” It’s “I want to be who God made me to be”.



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